Sunday, March 7, 2010

It feels good to just relax~

Have you heard of the new cafe in KK yet?
It's called TOYZ INC. (Toys. Cafe. Shisha.)
It has some cool collections of toys on display.
Despite it being an open-air cafe, it has very nice atmosphere ^^
It's a nice place to just relax and chill =)

Mango smoothie and burger I ordered XD

It feels good to just relax~

Yumcha with Leanna, Sakuya and Ed at Mosaic(Hyatt) on Friday night.
Well, not exactly yum 'cha' lah... XD
Thanks to Leanna, who introduces us the homemade ice-cream... <3

I ordered Banana Split, been craving for it for a long time already... (>A<)

Yum yum (*q*)

Chit-chat until 12 midnight, didn't realize time passed by so fast... (@_@)
So we went to Upperstar to continue... HAHAHA XD

Had a lot of fun, I want yumcha again!!!!

And so me and mum had free time, nothing to do...
So we decided to go Kundasang War Memorial to do a little bit of simple photoshooting... LoL

Here's a few pics of it...

I've uploaded more on FB, feel free to check them out =)

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