Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Merdeka?

Happy 52nd Merdeka to all Malaysians~!



Meh it's just another ordinary day for me...


So last Friday night we had a little photoshoot...
Venue: Citymall Carpark

There was no theme for the photoshoot..
So everyone wore differently and just join in the fun XD

For more photos you can check out my photos in Facebook ;P
Or you can visit my Flickr but I only uploaded pictures of me there of couse..


Btw, I got inspired by my friend to sing songs and post in Youtube...
But my singing sucks, I'm so scared to post but ah what the heck... =.=;;

This is my friend singing ^_^

This is me.. T_T

This song is really nice <3 I love it =)

I will err re-sing this song when I got the time @_@ ...


ZOMG 30 more days to finish up TDD project! @_____@

Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Fasting

It's the fasting month now.
Happy Fasting everyone =)

Sorry for not updating my blog much, been very very busy these few weeks >o<

What has been happening these past few weeks?
Actually I can't really remember >_>;;
Been too busy with work..

(Work? What work?)

Well yeah I have work to do. Even though I am currently 'jobless'.
(Managing my Phantasia Store does not count as a job)

It's like Tomodachi preparing his Book of Prophecy...

Oh yeah, I just finished watching 20th Century Boy the Movie Chapter 2.
Awesome I must say.
Can't wait for the last chapter of the Trilogy next year.

I can't wait for Eden of the East's movie too... ;_;


Anyways, see that pumpkin banner over there? On the right?

It's the Sabah Bloggers Gathering 2009.

I've been waiting for this! =D

I've attended last year's gathering.
It was quite fun =)
Hopefully this year's even better (despite I might bumped into the people I hate ;P)

And this year's event is on Halloween! ZOMG!!

I don't know what to wear >_< heheh

Spread around the news and...
Hope to see you all at the gathering ^_^

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New BlogShop~ ♥ Phantasia ♥

I have a new BlogShop now~
Currently not many stuffs for sale but all items are ready stock and got discount if C.O.D at KK~! ^^

The shop sells Costumes suitable for event, parties and cosplay purpose~
Soon we will have J-Fashion clothings and accessories too~

Current In-Stocks:

Do support my shop okay~

Thanks~ v(^_^)v

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


(It takes a little bit time to load)

Thanks Dias for the cute artwork! =D <3

Monday, August 3, 2009

Outing at the Beach

A last minute one, kinda.

Was supposed to be a Drinking Outing (Drinking as in Moginum) but then they said need food and someone offered to do BBQ and since it's at the beach...

It became a Beach Outing!!

(a.k.a Sausage Fest since the only food we have is sausages.. and um.. Nuts.)

Had lots of fun =D

From Kendo Battle...

To Ultimate Frisbee...

Am really glad to have friends like them =)

Love you all guys <333 You're the greatest! (^_^)

Photos credited to: Edgar, Jack and Kent Chan (All taken from Facebook)

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