Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kamen Rider Fever

Yes. That's right.
Something that I thought would never happen actually happened.
I still find it hard to believe.
What am I talking about?

Yes, that's right...
I am actually having...



Few years ago I was like, "I don't watch those stuff"
But I can't believe right now I am totally crazy about it.

It all started when they're making a Kamen Rider gathering last year at Kirameki Cafe...
So I was like, since it's gonna be held at the cafe, I should at least watch some and understand at least a bit of the series so that I won't be totally blur about it when the fans gather. It is a part of a maid's responsibility too.

The 1st one I watched was Kamen Rider Kabuto.

It was 'meh' for me at 1st, but in the end I got quite hooked up and liked it.
Even after the gathering was over, I continued asking for one series after another.

My 2nd one was Kiva.

And then Kamen Rider W (Double).

After that was Den-O. My favourite series of all!! ;_;

Now watching Decade. And of course, including the ongoing one, Kamen Rider OOO.

Yeah I know, I didn't watch the series accordingly (lol)

People might say "OMG you actually watch Kamen Rider?? The show for kids??"
YES. I watch Kamen Rider and I LOVE IT.
YES it is for kids but it's also good for adults, and for me as a girl *coughlovetheBLelementscough* I really love the actors and characters <3

Well, I respect on whatever things you guys interested in, so please respect whatever things I am interested in.


Btw, stuffs I did for the love of Kamen Rider <3

Core Medal Cake - Idea/concept and designed by me. Made by Eddy.

Tatoba Pudding Mousse - Idea/concept by me. Made by Eddy.

DenLiner Fried Rice - Concept from Den-O series, made by me.

DenLiner Coffee - Concept from Den-O series, made by me.

Fanart by me XD


Just me, playing around. =w=

1st gathering (Ignore the mask... lol)

2nd gathering (Trying to be Den-O.... =w=)

And erm... Some... videos...


Sekian terima kasih...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

To be honest : What I love at Kirameki

Been working at Kirameki Cafe for months now..
How was it? How am I doing? How's the cafe doing?

It's a dream job for a lot of people they say,
being able to cosplay, play and have fun while get paid at the same time...
Well, so I'm gonna be honest about how I feel about this job and this cafe now...

I'll be honest, I love my job even though my pay is low. I love this shop even if it's small, simple and plain. I love this shop even if it's not like those food court that is full of people all the time. I love it being a relaxing cafe for people to relax.... I love it being a place for people of same interest to gather...

I love how people appreciate the cafe.
I love to see the happy faces of people who came to the cafe.

I love how they react to the drawings on Moe Moe Omurice,
doesn't matter whether they know about the Japanese Maid Cafe culture or not...
I love to hear special requests on the messages or drawings that people ask me to draw, even though sometimes they ask the impossible... Haha.

I love it when they say "Tadaima" when they came in,
and say "Ittekimasu" or even just "Jaa ne" when they left the cafe...

I love how Kirameki is really a home for me,
since I actually spend more time at the cafe than at home.

At the cafe...
I love to see people watching anime on their laptop, playing NDS or PSP especially in a group, people bring their figures, playing with their Figma, Revoltech and Nendoroids... Playing boardgames, reading comics, drawing, studying...

I love to see people making their own gatherings at the cafe.
I love making food and drinks by myself and serve the customers.
And it really makes me happy when people love my food and drinks, especially if it's my creation of course... :)

I'm always happy to see regular customers...

I'm happy that even if it's not all, there are people who acknowledge this Maid Cafe...

This is my passion.
And I'm not going to give up no matter what.
It's true there are times that I will feel down,
but I know it's never gonna be forever.

I will continue doing my best, for this passion of mine...
I will continue doing everything I can to keep on doing what I love...


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 01.01.11

I know I'm kinda late for Christmas,
but what the heck.

1st simple post for the year 2011.

Other updates, maybe some other time. :P

Photo credited to my friend Alex's friend.
I forgot his name D:

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