Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kamen Rider Fever

Yes. That's right.
Something that I thought would never happen actually happened.
I still find it hard to believe.
What am I talking about?

Yes, that's right...
I am actually having...



Few years ago I was like, "I don't watch those stuff"
But I can't believe right now I am totally crazy about it.

It all started when they're making a Kamen Rider gathering last year at Kirameki Cafe...
So I was like, since it's gonna be held at the cafe, I should at least watch some and understand at least a bit of the series so that I won't be totally blur about it when the fans gather. It is a part of a maid's responsibility too.

The 1st one I watched was Kamen Rider Kabuto.

It was 'meh' for me at 1st, but in the end I got quite hooked up and liked it.
Even after the gathering was over, I continued asking for one series after another.

My 2nd one was Kiva.

And then Kamen Rider W (Double).

After that was Den-O. My favourite series of all!! ;_;

Now watching Decade. And of course, including the ongoing one, Kamen Rider OOO.

Yeah I know, I didn't watch the series accordingly (lol)

People might say "OMG you actually watch Kamen Rider?? The show for kids??"
YES. I watch Kamen Rider and I LOVE IT.
YES it is for kids but it's also good for adults, and for me as a girl *coughlovetheBLelementscough* I really love the actors and characters <3

Well, I respect on whatever things you guys interested in, so please respect whatever things I am interested in.


Btw, stuffs I did for the love of Kamen Rider <3

Core Medal Cake - Idea/concept and designed by me. Made by Eddy.

Tatoba Pudding Mousse - Idea/concept by me. Made by Eddy.

DenLiner Fried Rice - Concept from Den-O series, made by me.

DenLiner Coffee - Concept from Den-O series, made by me.

Fanart by me XD


Just me, playing around. =w=

1st gathering (Ignore the mask... lol)

2nd gathering (Trying to be Den-O.... =w=)

And erm... Some... videos...


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Rungitom said...

Subarashi~! I love the Core Medal Cake ^^

Kurokku said...

kamen rider ~ <3

I need to watch Den-O.... luv your vids ^^

Nana said...


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SoujiShinogane said...

Sugoi,Tatoba pudding Mousse!I wonder if got Tajadol one...XD


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