Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tweet tweet

A must watch not just for Twitter addicts.


So... Do you Tweet?
Though Facebook also have similar function like Twitter...
I'm not an addict in Twitter neither in FB.
I know some of you are one... =P

Tuesday, March 24, 2009



.. I can't believe I didn't update my blog for nearly a month... =.='''


Hard to say this.. but...

I think it's because of...



Yes, guys.. Habbo.

Not any other typical MMORPG...

Just Habbo.

Habbo Rocks.

'nuff said.

(Habbo Screenshots credits to Shiki.dez~ ^_^)


Okay, so anyways...

I'm actually quite busy in this month of March.

My sis Nora's baby boy is 1 month old now :3

Currently playing DnD every week at Butterbliz.

Oh yeah, Butterbliz has a blog now! :D

The UMS Japan Cultural Club recently organized an event - KKCC and CSPians attended the event and gave support! ^o^

Some of the cosplayers who attends.

Some of us had a dance performance to do that night...

The performers.
(Photos credit to Massy and Doryaaaa)


Well then, I'm still thinking whether I'll be going to Breeze 1st Anniversary Party D' Junction or not... If a lot people go I wanna go.. but still have to think about transport too lol ^^;;

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Do you think you can live without music..?


I love music.
I'm sure you love music too right? :)

Right now..
I just feel kinda sad that I do not know how to play any kinds of instrument.

How I wish I know how to play piano, or violin.. or even guitar.

The fact that you need to have a lot of money to learn playing piano.. Plus to buy a piano to practice at home.. It's quite sad. I can't afford that. My family couldn't afford either.

But then I can't even play a guitar.
I wasn't really a guitar fan.
But I love to listen people play songs for me.

I had requested my friend to play this song for me.. :)
Since he used to play this song before I even knew him...

Can't wait to listen to it...
But I told him to play for my wedding! Lol!
I don't feel like waiting that long actually.
I don't even know when will I get married.
Can you play this song for my 21st bday instead?? Haha XD


Though if there is anyone who can play piano...
I would be really happy if this song will be played in front of me.. :)

... :)


(Been listening to Chrono Cross OSTs only these few days)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Unstolen Jewel

What was the start of all this?
When did the cogs of fate begin to turn?
Perhaps it is impossible to grasp that answer now,
From deep within the flow of time...

But, for a certainty, back then,
We loved so many, yet hated so much,
We hurt others and were hurt ourselves...

Yet even then, we ran like the wind,
Whilst our laughter echoed,
Under cerulean skies...

I love these kind of stuffs.
I don't know what are these called though.
They're not poems, right?
I love how meaningful and deep these words are,
even though this is from a game.

It's an old game for PS1.
Chrono Cross - One of my favourite game.
I love the OST too. VERY much.

I love how these words gave me inspirations,
a good example is this drawing I drew 5 years ago...

Tears and smiles are the same
Cries and laughters are no different
Love and hate are so much alike

Words that looks like coming from an emo - lol
But I love it, I really do.
How I wish I can be as poetic and artistic as I use to be.
I wonder where has all the inspirations gone to...

I've followed this far in search of
That glimmering light
Clasped in the hands of a child,
Wandering the brink of time.

I have continued searching for you,
Though I know not your name,
Because I wanted to share
This feeling with you.

Time envelops both love and pain,
Until they fade away.
But I still remember them
And always will..

Though I cannot remember when,
A whisper began echoing
Deep within my heart,
Fainter than drops of evening dew.

May this prayer I spin
Weave through the darkness of my frozen stars
And reach the skies above you,
So far away...

The Unstolen Jewel a.k.a Without Taking the Jewel

~Radical Dreamers~

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