Thursday, March 5, 2009


Do you think you can live without music..?


I love music.
I'm sure you love music too right? :)

Right now..
I just feel kinda sad that I do not know how to play any kinds of instrument.

How I wish I know how to play piano, or violin.. or even guitar.

The fact that you need to have a lot of money to learn playing piano.. Plus to buy a piano to practice at home.. It's quite sad. I can't afford that. My family couldn't afford either.

But then I can't even play a guitar.
I wasn't really a guitar fan.
But I love to listen people play songs for me.

I had requested my friend to play this song for me.. :)
Since he used to play this song before I even knew him...

Can't wait to listen to it...
But I told him to play for my wedding! Lol!
I don't feel like waiting that long actually.
I don't even know when will I get married.
Can you play this song for my 21st bday instead?? Haha XD


Though if there is anyone who can play piano...
I would be really happy if this song will be played in front of me.. :)

... :)


(Been listening to Chrono Cross OSTs only these few days)


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Charlton said...

I'd rather die than to have no music in my life. xD


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