Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cosplay Project

My 1st cosplay last year HobbyCon.

It's very terrible. Not satisfied.
Ok, you guys might think it looks ok.
But I want to be better XD
I wanna be like Kipi and Arisa. >///<

That's why I want to be more serious on this year's cosplay.
I'm getting older each day. I can't cosplay till I'm old.
Well, that's what I think.

I have to start saving money and prepare for this year's HobbyCon cosplay.
But most importantly, I need work.
My monthly pocket money from my parents is not enough for this cosplay project. >_<

I think I should buy the contact lens 1st, on May. Because I'm scared I will use the money to buy something else if I just keep the money like that. The contact lens can last for 1 year, I can wear it anytime, so I guess it's okay to buy it early.

For the costume and wig...

I can't wait too long too.
If HobbyCon is on December, I must order the costume and wig 2 months earlier.
Means I need to have RM500 by October. T_T

It won't be a problem if I have work.
I want to work at Mindslaver... But I still don't know whether I can get the job or not. ._.

If I can't, then I have to find somewhere else. T_T

And since I live hiiiilo id durinab(hujung dunia, like end of the world. Means very far), I prefer to work around KK. Because other places are too far for me. Can't give my dad too much trouble in sending me to a very far workplace.

Miku! You are still the most moe character I've ever seen. (>w<)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Freeze at KK!!

So we did the 1st KK Freeze at Citymall on Sunday 20th April, 8pm.

Me. Frozen.

Before the Freeze starts, we were handing out some fliers to the people around Citymall.
I think next time I should bring a friend with me.
Though nothing bad really happened, but it's kinda disturbing when people trying to 'usik-usik'. =.='''
But then I saw them joining in the Freeze. Haha.

Though it's not as much as KL's Freeze, I think it was pretty successful and it made me happy especially when some of the outsiders join in the Freeze too!

More photos and videos here, check 'em out. ;)

KK Freeze - Videos and Photos

Pics taken from fellow bloggers,


I hope we can do another Freeze, bigger and better.:)

Thanks Shadow for the group pic



And KK did freeze, yesterday night.

Electricity Freeze. Lol.

Now that's the real 'Save Energy, Save Earth'. XD

P/S: Hey Julian! Where's my bread?? XD

Friday, April 18, 2008



What's Freeze? Froze? Frozen? @_@

It's when a group of people stop moving at the same time, same place.
More info about Freeze at

KL Freeze at Unison


"Save Energy by Freezing People & Power"

In conjunction of the FREEZE For World Earth Day that will be held in Sunway Pyramid this Sunday, KK will do one as well!

Location: Citymall, Kota Kinabalu.
Time: 8pm SHARP
Day: 20th April 2008(Sunday)

Please come at 6pm in Pizza Hut Citymall for briefing and time synchronization.

Everyone is welcome to join! ^_^
Come join the Freeze! ^o^/

If interested, please refer to Edgar.

I'll be there, in my loli dress.
If you saw a red loli, that's me. XD

Spread the words!

Wonderland Online

A free to play MMORPG, currently just a Closed Beta.

I actually have no interest in playing this kind of game, and I wouldn't play this if cubex didn't ask me to play.

But I'm shocked, I can't believe I'm actually hooked up with this game.

It's a pretty funny game, and it's pretty good for a non-high requirement game.

Screenshots taken from official website:

You will need to do some quests...

Sometimes you can see some cutscenes which remind me of eroge.

They have lolis

Battle scene. It's a turn-based mmorpg by the way.

You can get a tent, and you can decorate your 'house' into something like this:

(What kind of tent is this??)

There are alot of other things you can do, such as fishing, mining, cutting wood and etc... Which I find it interesting(because I kinda hate leveling). But still, you need to have friends to accompany you to make the game more fun :D

Friday, April 11, 2008

Gender bending makes MOE!

One word:


Kyonko. She's taking over the world.

The Gender bending of Suzumiya Haruhi is so hot right now.
And it's all because of Kyonko.


It's been a long time since I drawn anything.

And the 1st thing I drew after such a long time is...


Some other artworks of mine is in my DeviantArt.

Well, I should start drawing again, since my art team - TDD(Team Daydreamers) will soon start a new project for HobbyCon08.
Hope everything goes well.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lolita Gathering 5

I was lucky for able to attend the 5th Lolita Gathering organized by the Malaysian Lolita Club on 29th March 2008 at Sunway Pyramid. It was a coincident my mum brought me to KL for vacation and the gathering was held during my trip there. =D

Malaysian Lolitas(And 1 punk in there XP)...
I'm happy to be part of it!
As Sabah representative! Lol XD

Me, Aiko and Ice-Cream got the chance to dance Hare Hare Yukai!
It was a really, really awesome feeling to dance with someone you just met for a few hours!!

Anyways here is the video, me as Haruhi(Cos they asked me to), Aiko as Mikuru and Ice-Cream as Yuki.

Kinda messy... But it was okay.

I hope I will have the chance to meet you girls again and join the next gathering/outings... =)

Hopefully CF!! XD

For more pictures please visit MA Kingdom forum...
Some pics I can't take from there.. DX


Cubex stumbled upon this very nice vid, cute and touching. Check it out =)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Time for a New Blog!

I screwed up my previous blog.

Time for a change! And this new blog really satisfies me! =D

Will do my best on updating this new blog of mine.

What will I post here?

Wait and see ;)

p/s: I need RM500 for my cosplay fund. Care to help? =P

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