Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Freeze at KK!!

So we did the 1st KK Freeze at Citymall on Sunday 20th April, 8pm.

Me. Frozen.

Before the Freeze starts, we were handing out some fliers to the people around Citymall.
I think next time I should bring a friend with me.
Though nothing bad really happened, but it's kinda disturbing when people trying to 'usik-usik'. =.='''
But then I saw them joining in the Freeze. Haha.

Though it's not as much as KL's Freeze, I think it was pretty successful and it made me happy especially when some of the outsiders join in the Freeze too!

More photos and videos here, check 'em out. ;)

KK Freeze - Videos and Photos

Pics taken from fellow bloggers,


I hope we can do another Freeze, bigger and better.:)

Thanks Shadow for the group pic



And KK did freeze, yesterday night.

Electricity Freeze. Lol.

Now that's the real 'Save Energy, Save Earth'. XD

P/S: Hey Julian! Where's my bread?? XD


Najwa Diyana said...

i really dont understand this freeze... but look like fun~~

IRTeA said...

Haha~ yup it's pretty fun actually XD depends on people also lah

zain said...


Thank you for your support. I appreciate it. :)

Ouh btw, check out the official vid of the KL Freeze in Unison. 10 diff cameras from beginning to end. Even got footage of our 'concerned friends from security.'

Zain HD


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