Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Goodbye November, Hello December

What do you think?
Does time passes quickly or slowly to you?
To me, time passes quickly...
Without realizing it, the sound of Christmas songs are heard everywhere...
This, of course, means 2010 is coming to an end...

Have you achieved anything this year?
Well if you haven't, hopefully 1 month is enough for you to fulfill your resolution for this year.... :P


Last week was Usapyon Day @ Kirameki Cafe

Usa-meido <3 Carrot Cheese Cake

Next time will do Nekonyan Day :3

Unfortunately December might not have a lot of these kind of events,
since the cafe gonna be closed on 2nd and 3rd weekends for cosplay events @_@
But there will definitely be some kind of Christmas specials~
I mean... I haven't planned anything yet but...
It's Christmas! How can there be no celebration for Christmas?? X3


Hobbycon on 2nd week, Comic Fiesta on 3rd week.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


私は元気です~ ( ^ω^)

Hope my Japanese will improve... ><
There has been so many ups & downs regarding the cafe and I know it's not over yet...
It won't be over as long as we are alive~
But everything that has happened definitely make me learned more and more stuffs~!

But the most important thing is, I must not stray away from my path to my dream~!
Sometimes we might forget the important things and stray away from the path to our dreams... But as long as we keep in mind about our passion and dream... Everything's gonna be just fine... ^-^

When I was feeling down because of something..
Words that reminded me of my dreams and passion revived me~!

Not to forget that I was able to talk abit (Well... It wasn't really a chat on phone...) with the current top maid of @home Cafe...
While my friends were crazy about Hiyo-chan, the thing that made me happy is the fact that she is from @home~! The no.1 maid cafe that I want to visit when I get the chance to go to Japan.... The reason I fell in love with the maid cafe culture...
It was because of everything about @home cafe...!
From their service and performances...
And of course... Hitomi-chan.... She really is my idol (*^-^*)

Also, Kirameki Cafe is now known in @home Cafe. Thanks to Gixxer@Zam.
(Note: Do take a closer look on what is the maid holding in the polaroid photo!)



Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hey Blog

Last posts August 13th huh?

.. Whoa... That means I didn't blogged about lots of stuffs...
Events like UMS Japanese Cultural Night and GameBeat....
Even Kirameki Cafe's official opening...
Omg... I need to update my personal blog, Kirameki blog and KKCC blog... OTL


Hello. Sorry for not updating my blog until now.
I've been super busy these times,
since Kirameki Cafe had officially open for business.
I'm working 12 hours per day, as a full-time maid/waitress.

Yep... Finally my dream came true.
To open + work in a maid cafe at my hometown...
How awesome can that be?

Haven't got the time to do lots of stuffs..
I've been wanting to change my blog layout but I don't have the time...
Seriously... Even on my offdays... I still use my offdays to do cafe-related stuffs... Well this is how it is when you are not just working as an employee...

When the cafe has internet.. I'll try to update my blog more often... :)

Sorry I'm lazy to upload any photos now.... I'll just post some pics of Miku.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Bodyline Shoes

Been really really busy these few days.
Kirameki Cafe is opening soon, very soon...
Next week gonna start some in-house training, so yeah,
expect it to open a week after the training.... =D

Oh yeah, it's Ramadhan season now,
Happy Fasting to my Muslim friends! =D


It's been quite a while since I surf Bodyline,
and urgh that site is really full of tarps(traps). @_@

I really really love their shoes!! >_<

Forget about those normal loli shoes that I've been longing for so many years,
I'm loving some of their normal shoe design...

This is one of my favourite shoe design. I want this sooo sooo much!! T_T
I'm in love with the black x pink x blue color design.
Argh! This month really no money! I hope I can get this next time... ( ._.)

This one also cute. I love the pastel colors! Light pink x light blue is so lovely.

This one also not bad. Yes, I like the pink one. >_>


What about Loli shoes?

Loli shoes huh....








Kitty Loli Shoe???


T_T This is like the cutest loli shoes I've ever seen in my life... T_T

I don't care if people say it looks stupid or whatsoever I LOVE IT.

Sigh.... But I don't think I'm able to get it...
Yeah... I'm too broke for this.... T_T

There's also a bunny version of this loli shoe but I don't like it...

( ._.) Sigh... (;_;)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kirameki Meido, Mikuzukin-chan & oTLoid

UMS Japanese Cultural Night is finally over,
my stress level went down as I don't need to worry about Kirameki Cafe's booth & performances anymore,
though there are a lot more new stuffs I have to do.... :S
But scrap all those stress and worry for now!

I'm taking care of Kirameki Cafe booth in the evening,
together with my 2 lovely maid assistants. :3

Kigurumi! Kawaii!!! \(>o<)/

What the... Pedobear @ Kirameki Cafe booth??

@_@ Nooo he's attacking the panda @_@

..... This......


By 6pm+ , I rushed and change to my cosplay costume for performance preparation >.<;;

Hatsune Miku's alternate costume from Project Diva 2nd~ >///<

Vocaloids unite~! XD
(P/S: I know her shoes suppose to be red, I did have the red shoes with me, but since I was preparing for performance, I couldn't wear the red shoes cos it's kinda big :X)

With Magu-chan~ ♥

During our performance~ :3

Btw, our group name is called oTLoid.
Yep, comes from the word oTL...... XD


Though a lot people complained about this event (including me lol),
it's true it is not really a good event,
but overall I enjoyed it :3
It depends on ourselves whether we have fun or not~ ^^

Photos credit to: Yong Harn Jiann, Pjal, Maslight, Addy:Nova, Maguro

Friday, July 30, 2010

Black★Rock Shooter & Cat Shit One

Despite being quite busy preparing cafe stuffs, booth at UMS, and practicing performances, I manage to find a few hours to watch the very much anticipated anime OVAs for this year.

Black★Rock Shooter.
What can I say?
Truth is, when they announced that they wanna make B★RS into an anime, I already didn't put my hopes too high for it to be a good anime.

Well, it wasn't THAT bad....
But it's... Just...

Ok... It's kinda bad, really.

Still, I love Yomi/Dead Master. ♥

Cat Shit One.
A very short and simple movie...
Simple and nice, and of course, cute. Lol

If there were to be an FPS game of this, I'd definitely play it XD;;



(Click to enlarge)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rush! Rush! Rush!

Been so busy these few days,
and gonna be very busy until July 31st!
Cos I'm gonna participate in UMS Japanese Cultural Event on that day... >o<;;

Kirameki Cafe booth in the evening and cosplay performance at night!
OMG I am still not done with everything yet........ T^T


My friend passed me a few animes on Thursday, and I've been anime marathon-ing at late night Friday until today (Sunday). (I know I have lots of work to do, but I only watch the animes cos I couldn't use the computer to do my work! My sis was using it... D:)
Just finished watching Working!! and also caught up with Kaicho wa Maid-sama! These are very good reference for the opening soon cafe, really. :3

Later on gonna finish sewing something for my cosplay this Saturday... >w<;;

Ga~n!! No.. this is not the final product... Just testing

Thursday, July 15, 2010

When it's late at night and couldn't sleep - Part 1

What would you do?
Sometimes you just couldn't force yourself to close your eyes until you fall asleep.
Count sheep? It does work for me sometimes.

But if I'm bored and feels like doing something before I sleep...
I usually read some books, draw something, play around with my costumes/wigs and etc.

This time I did something I never done before...
Taking some pictures of lights XD;;

Here's the result of boredom in the middle of the night :X

I dunno, I kinda like the results of my sucky CSL phone's camera... XD;;;

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Days

Once Upon A Time

The day was quite fine

I was in disguise

But I didn't look nice :(

(Yeah, I look so weird...)

Went to watch Despicable Me

Awesome movie, especially in 3D

(Great movie! You MUST watch in 3D - 4 stars from me)

Walked around at Palm Square, CP

Saw this and thought, "What happened to Speedy?!"

(Seriously, anyone knows what happened to Speedy? Renovation or closed down?)


Went to see my friends on another day

And got a gift for my belated birthday

B☆RS Character Charm?

OMG this is so cute so awesome~!!

(Black Rock Shooter~~~ It's really, REALLY tiny...)


Just felt like rhyming, so yeah...
Thanks for reading XD

Friday, July 9, 2010

TGIF!: Pampering Myself

(ZOMG! Long post is long.)

For those of you don't know what TGIF means, it's Thank God It's Friday!
I mean, come on, it's Friday! Who doesn't love Friday? =D

Actually I was suppose to go out early today, like around noon.
But mum cooked lunch so I have to eat 1st.
Suddenly heavy rain, so I have to wait for a while before going out.

My plan was actually to go JDF (Japanese Dream Food) at Palm Square, Centre Point.
Yes, my initial plan was to have an Octopus Feast today, and yes, it is because of Paul the Octopus.

I'm actually not a football fan. But I support Germany.
Why? Because of Doitsu.
What's Doitsu? It's Germany in Japanese.
Why say it in Japanese? Cos I'm a Weaboo? Just Kidding.

I love Doitsu because of Axis Powers Hetalia.

He. Is. My. Husband.

Ok, just kidding.

He's my favorite character.
His eyes are so mesmerizing.
He's, like, so f*cking SWEET!

I think I'm in love...


P/S: Please don't disrespect me for supporting Germany because of Animes. From now onwards I'm a Germany supporter(besides Italy and Japan, refer to the anime for more info). I think I'm better than people who supports whicever team that's winning or won(Those who keep on changing which team they are supporting, never a team that they're loyal with but acts like they've been a fan/supporter all along).

Ok anyway, continue about Friday...

I didn't get to eat at JDF because I was late. It closes at 2.30pm on weekdays. (opens back at 6pm)
Oh well, but I feel great after playing 3 (or was it 4?) rounds of Para-para and the basketball game. I was too tired when I play the basketball machine, so didn't reach my 300+ target. But that's okay. Lol.

After CP, went to Wisma Merdeka.




Oh yeah, the Takoyaki Combo which costs RM4.20 comes with a drink, which is the Peppermint Green Tea.

It taste kinda weird at 1st, but eventually I find it quite nice to drink. It's definitely refreshing if you're feeling thirsty or ate some hot stuffs and need something to cool down your throat.

It is, however, not advisable to drink it when you can still taste the wasabi in your mouth/nose/brain. The Peppermint joins the Wasabi in torturing your brain.

Stroll around at Wisma and ended up buying something new to wear. Yay! I really lack of casual clothes, I spent too much on cosplay costumes. ( ._.)

Next, Suria Sabah.
The real reason I went there is to buy movie tickets.

Despicable Me in 3D. =D

Btw, I'm not rich. My sis spend me so yeah.

After that, I decided to play some games in Suria's arcade.

The entrance

Suria's arcade's coin is the big one. The small ones are Fun Square's.

I played Tekken 6 and OMG?? There's KOF XII!! (KOF= King of Fighters)
Yeah I'm excited cos I cosplayed as KOF XII version of Athena Asamiya.
Suria's Arcade is the only arcade that has KOF XII as far as I know. Do correct me if I'm wrong.


... I dunno, maybe it's just me(I suck at fighting games), but I think it sucked.
No wonder it's been voted as the most disappointing game in 2009... =X

But they're coming out with KOF XIII, hopefully it will be better?

Then I decided to play their basketball machine.
I think it's the same machine with the one at Fun Square CP, but this costs me RM2 instead of RM1.

*insert coins* *start game* *lifts ball*



This is the heaviest ball I ever lifted in all the arcades in KK.
My hand was shaking after I finished playing.

244. Not bad, even though my target was RM250+(Must achieve 250 points to get to the final stage). It's really heavy and I'm not yet used to it. Next time, I'll put my high score in that machine. >D
2 guys played after that. Since the ball is quite heavy for me, I'm pretty sure guys can score better than me, men are undeniably stronger than women.

Well, that's what I thought anyway.

It seems that my score is still higher than the 2 guys. They didn't reach 200 points at all. Heheh. Forgot to say I'm good at playing this. But I suck at real basketball though.

Anyone wanna challenge me? ^_^

Next, dinner time!
With my mum and sis and her husband (+ baby nephew =3)
Went to Sri Mutiara Seafood Restaurant for the RM8.80/kg SIPUT TARIK. Yumzzz.

It's at that Sri Selera(?) at Kampung Air? The one beside old GSC cinema...



Satay Kambing and Chicken Dumpling. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

What's left of the siput tarik.
How many siput tarik I ate? XD

OH SH- I forgot to take photo of the Talapia fish!!


A bone is fine too.

That's the end of my awesome Friday.
Was your Friday awesome? =D


Music of the day:

Touhou + Vuvuzela = WIN

P/S: This blog has a quite obvious easter egg. Did you notice it? XD

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