Sunday, November 21, 2010


私は元気です~ ( ^ω^)

Hope my Japanese will improve... ><
There has been so many ups & downs regarding the cafe and I know it's not over yet...
It won't be over as long as we are alive~
But everything that has happened definitely make me learned more and more stuffs~!

But the most important thing is, I must not stray away from my path to my dream~!
Sometimes we might forget the important things and stray away from the path to our dreams... But as long as we keep in mind about our passion and dream... Everything's gonna be just fine... ^-^

When I was feeling down because of something..
Words that reminded me of my dreams and passion revived me~!

Not to forget that I was able to talk abit (Well... It wasn't really a chat on phone...) with the current top maid of @home Cafe...
While my friends were crazy about Hiyo-chan, the thing that made me happy is the fact that she is from @home~! The no.1 maid cafe that I want to visit when I get the chance to go to Japan.... The reason I fell in love with the maid cafe culture...
It was because of everything about @home cafe...!
From their service and performances...
And of course... Hitomi-chan.... She really is my idol (*^-^*)

Also, Kirameki Cafe is now known in @home Cafe. Thanks to Gixxer@Zam.
(Note: Do take a closer look on what is the maid holding in the polaroid photo!)



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