Monday, April 11, 2011




I finally decided to blog after neglecting here for quite some time...
Of course, because there is something different than usual to blog about! 8D

Last Sunday I went to Mantanani Island at Kota Belud with my mum because we got free snorkeling package vouchers from my sis....

It's the 1st time I heard about Mantanani Island and if you search for that word in Google, you'll see lots of Dugong pictures but unfortunately no, there aren't any dugongs... I don't know why so don't ask me lol

1 hour to reach Kota Belud and another 45 minutes trip using a speedboat to the island... Seriously made me feel dizzy... @.@'''

Me & mum on the speedboat

Ready for snorkeling!

I can't swim >.<''

Umm....... Yeah............ lolz

It's the 1st time we took photo underwater... Can't really see clearly and forgot o set the underwater setting... Argh didn't took photo of the pretty blue starfish >.<

After that went back to rest and have lunch.

Have to have a little camwhoring =P

With mum =3

After snorkeling at the deep sea, we moved to the other island (Big Mantanani)...

The place is of course, beautiful~ =D

Real beach volleyball!! ^o^
Nop I didn't get to play it cos no one to play with and not enough time.... >.<


Sea urchins!! @.@

And the star..... Nemo!!!!!!!!
Oh wait they're CLOWNFISH but they called them NEMO..... =.='''

I have a photo of me in the water but I've been thinking for hours whether to post it up or not cos then you will see how FLAT I am........ T-T Anyways here you go:

Ta-da!! I know I'm super flat ok =.= *sad*
(I hope it's the suit that made me look super flat T.T)


P/S: I vomited during the trip back.... High tide + Speedboat for 1 hour is not funny.... OTL

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