Friday, August 13, 2010

Bodyline Shoes

Been really really busy these few days.
Kirameki Cafe is opening soon, very soon...
Next week gonna start some in-house training, so yeah,
expect it to open a week after the training.... =D

Oh yeah, it's Ramadhan season now,
Happy Fasting to my Muslim friends! =D


It's been quite a while since I surf Bodyline,
and urgh that site is really full of tarps(traps). @_@

I really really love their shoes!! >_<

Forget about those normal loli shoes that I've been longing for so many years,
I'm loving some of their normal shoe design...

This is one of my favourite shoe design. I want this sooo sooo much!! T_T
I'm in love with the black x pink x blue color design.
Argh! This month really no money! I hope I can get this next time... ( ._.)

This one also cute. I love the pastel colors! Light pink x light blue is so lovely.

This one also not bad. Yes, I like the pink one. >_>


What about Loli shoes?

Loli shoes huh....








Kitty Loli Shoe???


T_T This is like the cutest loli shoes I've ever seen in my life... T_T

I don't care if people say it looks stupid or whatsoever I LOVE IT.

Sigh.... But I don't think I'm able to get it...
Yeah... I'm too broke for this.... T_T

There's also a bunny version of this loli shoe but I don't like it...

( ._.) Sigh... (;_;)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kirameki Meido, Mikuzukin-chan & oTLoid

UMS Japanese Cultural Night is finally over,
my stress level went down as I don't need to worry about Kirameki Cafe's booth & performances anymore,
though there are a lot more new stuffs I have to do.... :S
But scrap all those stress and worry for now!

I'm taking care of Kirameki Cafe booth in the evening,
together with my 2 lovely maid assistants. :3

Kigurumi! Kawaii!!! \(>o<)/

What the... Pedobear @ Kirameki Cafe booth??

@_@ Nooo he's attacking the panda @_@

..... This......


By 6pm+ , I rushed and change to my cosplay costume for performance preparation >.<;;

Hatsune Miku's alternate costume from Project Diva 2nd~ >///<

Vocaloids unite~! XD
(P/S: I know her shoes suppose to be red, I did have the red shoes with me, but since I was preparing for performance, I couldn't wear the red shoes cos it's kinda big :X)

With Magu-chan~ ♥

During our performance~ :3

Btw, our group name is called oTLoid.
Yep, comes from the word oTL...... XD


Though a lot people complained about this event (including me lol),
it's true it is not really a good event,
but overall I enjoyed it :3
It depends on ourselves whether we have fun or not~ ^^

Photos credit to: Yong Harn Jiann, Pjal, Maslight, Addy:Nova, Maguro

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