Friday, October 17, 2008

Please Take Your Time! - V2

"Yukkuri Shite ittene!!"

Hahahaha damn I want that. So cute.

From: AkibaBlog


Meanwhile, somewhere in CSP...

The Curse of Ran Ran Ru


Yes, I have so much free time right now.

... NOT!

I have lots of things I haven't finished (or even started yet), seriously have a lot of catching up to do... T_T

But IRTeA will never give up! ^o^/

Thursday, October 16, 2008

School Girls Massage Service

Would you like to get a massage by girls in school uniform?
No free polls

"☆Welcome☆ to Akiba Fumikko Gakuen"

" Akiba Fumikko Gakuen" - newly opened on October 11th, is the latest reflexology centre featuring girls in school uniforms - Also the 1st in the world. I guess meido is overrated now =P Need more school girls services XD

"Opening on October 11th~! Sensei! Ohayou gozaimasu~!"(Good morning, teacher!)

The concept of the school(Gakuen=School) is "relaxing the muscles of the whole body as well as relaxing customers mentally by entertaining." I'm sure a lot of guys likes this, it's normal in Japan. There were no vacancies from the 1st day they opened.

Prices are: Trial Course = 2,200yen for 20 minutes, New Teacher Course = 3,200yen for 30 minutes & etc. Besides the normal massage courses, there are also some other options like "sleeping on a girl's lap," "taking a photo (1,000yen), changing socks (From black knee-socks to either loose socks or white knee socks)(1,000yen) & etc.

While getting massage, you can communicate with fumikko-san and talk about whatever you want since it's only you and fumikko-san in the room.

Recent comments on their bulletin board are quite interesting, e.g "want a girl to step on without taking indoor shoes off," "want a girl to step on my face or head too," etc…

Source: AkibaBlog - Getting Massage by a Girl with School Uniform: "Akiba Fumikko Gakuen"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wii + Maid = WIN???

'Refresh Club' - A new establishment in Akihabara where one can relax and even get active playing Wii Fit enjoying the company of a maid... Opened by the popular brand that sells maid costumes, Candy Fruit.

Love Wii? Love Maids? Well then this is where you should be XD

I love this but I'd rather be the maid... hehe

Check out the video from the link below.. Megane meido moe~~~~~ <333 >w<

Source: Akiba Today - Wii Fit with a Maid

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Pudding Shop

My Blog Shop....!!!

I'm selling stuffs to raise my cosplay fund TwT
Please buy something ok?? XD

Check it out XD Thanks!!!!

The Pudding Shop

Friday, October 3, 2008

Volunteers Needed For Maid Cafe!

Hey guys and girls~!

Yup, you heard it right!

There will be a Maid Cafe Booth for this year HobbyCon!!

And now we need some volunteers :)

MAID Volunteers, that is. :lol:



- Must be female (No crossdressers sorry)
- Must own a Maid Costume (Any types and colors accepted except too revealing ones)
- Must watch thisXD


How to Join

email me at irteapudding[at]gmail[dot]com


PM me (IRTeA) at ClickStartPlay


Leave a comment here



- You need to give me your name and contact details
- You need to give me your picture


For now these are the requirements I can think of... I will add some more if needed. ^^;;

Feel free to ask any questions by posting a comment here =)

Thank you for your attention~ ^_^/

Pink Ranger

Very late update for this.

I celebrated my sister Rina's birthday together with CSPians at New York New York (1 Borneo) last Sunday =)

We bought her a Wall-E plushie for her, but I decided to give her Eve too (Wall-E is not perfect without Eve ;) ) Me and Nora shared the cost for the Eve plushie btw, I'm not that rich to buy that plushie for her alone =P

Group pic, but not everyone's here =(


About my previous post, well...

I didn't mean to betray my readers, I'm sorry T_T

But since I'm buying my glasses at my dad's friend's shop (so that I don't have to pay for it cos dad is paying for the glasses), I don't have many choices to choose from.

I wanted green. But I guess it's really rare to find nice green glasses here...
The nicest I could find is....


I'm sorry~

I chosed the pink one! Even though the poll doesn't say so... >.<;;;;;;;

Will upload a closer pic of me with my new glasses...
Meanwhile you can check some Raya Open House photos with my pink kebaya and pink glasses... lol

And suddenly people keep calling me the Pink Ranger, though I don't know or don't remember who started it /swt

At my house =)

At Ali G's house =)


Thank you everyone who came to my house =)
Selamat Hari Raya everyone!

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