Thursday, October 16, 2008

School Girls Massage Service

Would you like to get a massage by girls in school uniform?
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"☆Welcome☆ to Akiba Fumikko Gakuen"

" Akiba Fumikko Gakuen" - newly opened on October 11th, is the latest reflexology centre featuring girls in school uniforms - Also the 1st in the world. I guess meido is overrated now =P Need more school girls services XD

"Opening on October 11th~! Sensei! Ohayou gozaimasu~!"(Good morning, teacher!)

The concept of the school(Gakuen=School) is "relaxing the muscles of the whole body as well as relaxing customers mentally by entertaining." I'm sure a lot of guys likes this, it's normal in Japan. There were no vacancies from the 1st day they opened.

Prices are: Trial Course = 2,200yen for 20 minutes, New Teacher Course = 3,200yen for 30 minutes & etc. Besides the normal massage courses, there are also some other options like "sleeping on a girl's lap," "taking a photo (1,000yen), changing socks (From black knee-socks to either loose socks or white knee socks)(1,000yen) & etc.

While getting massage, you can communicate with fumikko-san and talk about whatever you want since it's only you and fumikko-san in the room.

Recent comments on their bulletin board are quite interesting, e.g "want a girl to step on without taking indoor shoes off," "want a girl to step on my face or head too," etc…

Source: AkibaBlog - Getting Massage by a Girl with School Uniform: "Akiba Fumikko Gakuen"


Anonymous said...

Those are 20 somethings, not real school girls.

False advertising.

Do they take off their clothes?

Xander Qruze said...

errr...aaahh..oooh..hmmm...not..sure..what 'stumped' hehe

IRTeA said...

Daniel> Lol of course they're not real school girls, and no they don't take off their clothes nor do extra services.

BakaNeko said...

Schoolgirl "Tai Sai Meh?"
About your poll :
Would you like to get a massage by girls in school uniform?

I need to see their face first then only able vote wahahaha.....

IRTeA said...

Neko> Ngam! Very ngam~! Ahahaha you are clever XD But I know you want loli... =P


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