Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wii + Maid = WIN???

'Refresh Club' - A new establishment in Akihabara where one can relax and even get active playing Wii Fit enjoying the company of a maid... Opened by the popular brand that sells maid costumes, Candy Fruit.

Love Wii? Love Maids? Well then this is where you should be XD

I love this but I'd rather be the maid... hehe

Check out the video from the link below.. Megane meido moe~~~~~ <333 >w<

Source: Akiba Today - Wii Fit with a Maid


Gallivanter said...

Rather be a maid? You sure?


IRTeA said...

Yup~! I'm very sure about it.. haha XD I get to dress up, play wii and get paid~!! How good is that?? XD


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