Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Days

Once Upon A Time

The day was quite fine

I was in disguise

But I didn't look nice :(

(Yeah, I look so weird...)

Went to watch Despicable Me

Awesome movie, especially in 3D

(Great movie! You MUST watch in 3D - 4 stars from me)

Walked around at Palm Square, CP

Saw this and thought, "What happened to Speedy?!"

(Seriously, anyone knows what happened to Speedy? Renovation or closed down?)


Went to see my friends on another day

And got a gift for my belated birthday

B☆RS Character Charm?

OMG this is so cute so awesome~!!

(Black Rock Shooter~~~ It's really, REALLY tiny...)


Just felt like rhyming, so yeah...
Thanks for reading XD


maslight said...

Like touhou inaba so kicik. Dun want anything that small liao. Though nendo petite is an exception.

IRTeA said...

Nendo petite ok lah... these 'charms' really so small... if buy those books or magazines just to get these kinda stuff, I think not so worth it.

Evaritus Lau said...

Walao...the magazine so expensive, yet the price item so tiny...


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