Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random updates

Went to 1B with my mum on Monday.
Just went there to find something to eat.
Though we usually just eat at Apple Cafe. Cheap food. LOL

I saw this cute toy at Tune's.
It's a.. erm... Ultraman... Playing drum?
I find it cute and funny at the same time XD;;

I recorded a video of the toy...

Cute right? XD hahaha

When we're about to go back, me and my mum can't believe what we just saw... =.=!
1B's 2nd floor carpark, flood.

What the... *speechless*

Cos it was raining heavily that day, and I think the drainage got stuck or something, so yeah.... This happened.


Sneak peak of Kirameki Cafe Maid Costume, 90% complete.
Need to change a bit on the scarf.
Still, ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh yah, forgot to say that the shop name changed, hence the Facebook Page and Blog address changed to. Do like em if you haven't! ^o^

Other work progress, 50%. OMG still a lot of stuffs I need to do =(
But nevertheless, can't wait for the cafe to open ♥

1 comment:

人形姫 said...

aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrhhhhhhhh meido costume kawaii!!! i wanna work T_______T


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