Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pappa Yo So Rich

Hey KK people,
have you been to Papparich @ Citymall yet?
No matter how's the review from other people, you still have to go there and see it for yourself right? ;D

Before this, I've been reading lots of good and bad reviews from my friends and some other people. Especially about how terrible the services are. Well lucky for me, the night I went there, the service wasn't bad after all! In fact, it was quite good. XD

Now for the food, I ordered meself Dry Curry Noodle with Curry Chicken and Iced Milk Tea, which costs me RM9.90 and RM4.20 respectively.

Do you think it's expensive?
Here's the food and drinks:

Dry Curry Noodle with Curry Chicken

Iced Milk Tea

It is quite expensive for me, as the taste and portion of the noodle is just so-so.
The tea is quite delicious, as it is quite 'kaw', I like it.

Overall, Papparich is not a bad place for yumcha, or just a place for you yourself to hangout and find inspiration. I was sitting there alone that night while waiting for another friend to arrive. I don't know about right now or next time, but I love their song selection that night:

How can you not like Zee Avi's songs? =)

So those who haven't go there, go now!
P/S: I haven't get to try their otak-otak =(


Bernard Tzing said...

hmm..seem like d portion not much compare with d price,last time i saw until people waiting outside cuz all table occupied..XD

Dewi Batrishya said...

Whoa.. nu place to eat. I'll get there one day.. huhu..
Thanks for sharing. :)

naith_kk said...

The curry chicken portions looks way too small for RM9.90. If it is twice the portions, then I'd say its a relatively good deal. Poor customers who have a big stomach...

When I saw RM4.20 for the drink, my rear-side where my wallet usually is - suddenly have pain cramps...


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