Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cosplay Project

My 1st cosplay last year HobbyCon.

It's very terrible. Not satisfied.
Ok, you guys might think it looks ok.
But I want to be better XD
I wanna be like Kipi and Arisa. >///<

That's why I want to be more serious on this year's cosplay.
I'm getting older each day. I can't cosplay till I'm old.
Well, that's what I think.

I have to start saving money and prepare for this year's HobbyCon cosplay.
But most importantly, I need work.
My monthly pocket money from my parents is not enough for this cosplay project. >_<

I think I should buy the contact lens 1st, on May. Because I'm scared I will use the money to buy something else if I just keep the money like that. The contact lens can last for 1 year, I can wear it anytime, so I guess it's okay to buy it early.

For the costume and wig...

I can't wait too long too.
If HobbyCon is on December, I must order the costume and wig 2 months earlier.
Means I need to have RM500 by October. T_T

It won't be a problem if I have work.
I want to work at Mindslaver... But I still don't know whether I can get the job or not. ._.

If I can't, then I have to find somewhere else. T_T

And since I live hiiiilo id durinab(hujung dunia, like end of the world. Means very far), I prefer to work around KK. Because other places are too far for me. Can't give my dad too much trouble in sending me to a very far workplace.

Miku! You are still the most moe character I've ever seen. (>w<)


maslight said...

Ganbatte Arine..u can do it! XD

Joanna Lye said...

support IRTeA cosplay ftw!

support project mark-c too! =P

IRTeA said...

Hahaha~ Thanks thanks I support Project Mark-C too! XD


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