Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Fasting

It's the fasting month now.
Happy Fasting everyone =)

Sorry for not updating my blog much, been very very busy these few weeks >o<

What has been happening these past few weeks?
Actually I can't really remember >_>;;
Been too busy with work..

(Work? What work?)

Well yeah I have work to do. Even though I am currently 'jobless'.
(Managing my Phantasia Store does not count as a job)

It's like Tomodachi preparing his Book of Prophecy...

Oh yeah, I just finished watching 20th Century Boy the Movie Chapter 2.
Awesome I must say.
Can't wait for the last chapter of the Trilogy next year.

I can't wait for Eden of the East's movie too... ;_;


Anyways, see that pumpkin banner over there? On the right?

It's the Sabah Bloggers Gathering 2009.

I've been waiting for this! =D

I've attended last year's gathering.
It was quite fun =)
Hopefully this year's even better (despite I might bumped into the people I hate ;P)

And this year's event is on Halloween! ZOMG!!

I don't know what to wear >_< heheh

Spread around the news and...
Hope to see you all at the gathering ^_^


maslight said...

wear anything LOL jangan nekkid like boo planned LOL

Steffie Chan said...

wow u going? =( my sch got ZZZZZZZZZZZZ co-cum need go tenom for trip on 31st. SAD


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