Thursday, November 20, 2008

Autumn Goth Lolita

^Just a random title I made.
It's because of the dried rose petals I guess.
I'm sure it'll be a lot better if we have more props,
while I have more accessories. >w<
But I'm satisfied with this photoshoot ^^

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that this photoshoot is for my friend's final exam on photography.

Here are some pics, enjoy =)

As you can see... there are spare tyres on my tummy...
Seriously need a diet T___T

I love the hair and make-up. Done by a make-up artist from iro-iro Citymall =)

Love these photos. Although my friend actually shot more than this... ^^;;
The photos are taken at SIA's studio. They turned off the lights and only left the lights for the camera (I don't know what's it called if there's a name for that thing) and my eyes really hurt that time... >.<;; ^^;;

Nevertheless it's worth it I say, this is by far the greatest and most satisfying photoshoot I have done so far =) (Not to mention the most tiring one XD;;)

Finally, a photo of me and the photographer ^^

And also the only photo of me smiling XD

Oh and also an extra note, the photos are not taken using a DSLR ^^
Just wanna say that having a DSLR doesn't make you a great photographer... =P


maslight said...


I c no spare tyres XD

如影隨行 said...

Your friend is Pretty >_<

cubex said...

waw GG

IRTeA said...

Shadow> Ya my friend is Ms. Popular at college XD

Chucky said...

"Just wanna say that having a DSLR doesn't make you a great photographer"

Very true!!! ^^

*aduh aduh* ^_^

Ki-Chan said...

*fainst* IRENE U OWN ME!!!

Xander Qruze said...

hehe..terasa si chucky..nice pics, yg tukang take the pics oso nice leh, whats her digits?..hihi...
GG ...

人形姫 said...

ZOMG ZOMG Arine-chan!!!!

i liek all your photos~!!! *_*

✖Magur♡X粉红教主✖ said...

uihnah...dun praise me like dat tu..kakakakkaka~actually my camera is also for studio use one XD
bukan digicambiasa lar.^W^

✖Magur♡X粉红教主✖ said...

btw...if nxt time i got photoshot again..i wan find ki-chan me ask her can o not leh? ^A^ hehehehe~


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