Saturday, June 27, 2009

Japanese School Skirts

And you think they are meant to be THAT short.

"Up until now, many Japanese school girls have been rolling up their standard issued skirts as they thought it looked cute. This could be a thing of the past as more girls are now starting to think that short skirts look very untrendy. The image above shows the default length on the left and how it looks in mini skirt form on the right.

A few reasons/theories for this long skirt boom are given.
-Osaka's way of going against the short skirt school girls in Tokyo.
-Dont have to spend so much time restoring skirt to original length when warned by the teachers.
-Dont want to get sunburnt legs.
-Girls started to adore the looks of an Ojosama school in Nara. Ojosama is a bit like what Nogizaka Haruka was."


Yes, the 1st pic from the left is really ugly.
Somehow looks uglier than our country's pinafore huh?
But then the last one looks terrible too, to me.
Too short as a school uniform.
Maybe for porno it's just the right length I guess...


Sometimes, long skirts are nice too.

Pic from Itai News.

You local perverted males out there, please don't complain how ugly our country's school uniform is. It has it's own beauty.

I like pinafores.


Edit: Oh yeah, R.I.P. M.J.


maslight said...

Hey our pinafore is kewl ok! Prefect punya even kewler hahahahahah XD

clerence said...

I have nothing against pinafore~

o ya~

peace to the human kind~

小慈 said...


Meia said...

school girls are not prostitutes

i like pinafores as they are today =D

kenken said...

wow... nice...

sparky_117 said...

3rd & 4th pic is nice, but d model revealed her 'fat' leg in d last pic...=.= i think she need more exercise since 'fat' leg nvr match wit mini skirt...=.=
pinafore is ok but d bottom pic is more attractive b'coz the contrast (black & white) & d uniform design, unlike d 'blue & white' old style pinafore...


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