Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Decora Project

I've done loli, sweet loli gothic loli.
And now I'm gonna try another J-fashion that I like beside lolita fashion.


Of course I won't do this alone, though I dare to wear loli to shopping malls alone, but decora is too weird to walk in it alone.

Anyone else interested in this style? :P
Let me know and let's do this together!
We might even can go shop for decora items together for this project! XD

Currently I have 2 friends interested in doing this. Recruiting more people! =D


maslight said...

@_@ omg~

IRTeA said...

come massy join~ XD

Najwa Diyana said...

Im doing hime gyaru with my friends now.. haha.. but this looks funs..
oshare kei also fun~~

IRTeA said...

Hime gyaru?? omg I don't think I'll do that.. cos must really have the 'princess' feel... XD I actually kinda like ganguro... lol

连小凤 said...

XD you can try hidden treasures near...whats that place again where wagamama restarant is..aih I pelupa dah...

XD Ig ot most of my hair clips there

as for braceletes...XD Cindy pun adah kat merdeka shopping area X3 senang mencari..=P

and good luck XD I never gone out in m full gear most of the time XD cos its too hot to wear them =P

Anonymous said...

i think you may have overdone it. just a tad.

Alex said...

this looks just like the american fashion of "candy kids" or raver kids... you could probably wear this in public at night in a city like miami, and no one would think twice, lol.


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