Monday, June 16, 2008

Surprise Birthday Party!

Omg! A surprise birthday party for me by CSPians!! XD
I'm so happy~~~~ ^///^

OMG Ronald McDonald. But I'm Lovin my birthday party.

My chocolate cake from Secret Recipe. Yum~ But the staff wrote wrongly =.=;; It's supposed to be Miro Powder not Micro =.='''

Blue color cream for the wordings?
Robby said there are Smurfs inside the cake.

Make a wish~ Wait, more than 1 wish actually.

Blow the candles~ Fuh~~

But.. OMG~ A birthday present from CSPians~ And my bf <3

I can't believe it...

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Nendoroid Petit #01~!!!!

@_@ OMG~ I'm so happy and shocked when I see this!!

My other presents from my bf and my sisters~

Thanks everyone.. Thank you CSPians... Thank you sis... Thank you all...

I Love everyone of you~ :3

Especially the one who planned it, who else but my one and only love~ Cubex ^^ I Love You <3


Vocaloid All Cast

Happy 20th Birthday to myself! =)

1 comment:

mieko said...

i saw Naoki at the back O:
hahaha!!he's gorgeus!
You're such a cutie, IrTEA

happy belated bday :)


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