Monday, July 28, 2008

What to Wear?

I wanna update my blog about the KAC E-Sports event. But I didn't take any pictures so I'm waiting my friends to upload some pics for me to 'steal'... Eheheheh... :P


What to wear.. what to wear...

I still don't know what should I wear for this Saturday's event!
What event?

The Sabahan Bloggers Gathering of course!! =D

Please do a favor for me by voting my poll on the left...
But still even if the result shows that A wins the poll I might still go for B... XD


maslight said...

I'm going with shirt and jeans XD

malleus21 said...

Just to let ya know, Check out on AUGUST 1st 10pm. Awesomeness is coming soon!!

Hi Mas,...I see your face a lot blog-hoppin', you da man!..I mean da girl! and you da girl too Irtea..just don't wear Joker make-up ok..hehehe


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