Sunday, August 3, 2008


Okay okay... It's the GG fever among some of us here... >.<;; ^^;;

It sucks to not have my own computer... I hardly can online at home =_='''


So how was SBG last night?


Lol... I'm sorry I can't stop myself from saying it anymore now!!
You guys started this 1st!!

I was sitting with Cubex, Daniel and Joanna last night... We were all GG-ing the whole night like crazy lol.

I'm not wearing loli dress. In fact, I'm not wearing a dress at all!
Did I just cheat on you guys to waste your time voting the poll?!!

No... Actually I wanted to wear a dress. And I wanna get my hair done too.
I was doing some last minute shopping yesterday, trying to find a nice and suitable dress for the event. But while I was browsing through... I saw this stripe hoodie... with rabbit ears!! I wanted this shirt for so long already!!! I bought it without having 2nd thought.

And after I bought that, I was so happy I don't have any mood to find any other things anymore. So I ended up wearing that to the event instead.

I'm sorry~~~~~~ I am a liiiiiitle bit regret for not wearing my loli dress but that's ok... A lot people likes my bunny ear hoodie!! Hehe XD

(I really wanted to take pics myself but unfortunately I don't have camera... T_T So I am just going to steal dori- I mean Edgar's photos!! Myahaha XD )


The lucky draw... I didn't win the camera... But I got this erm.. Nike+ Sportsband but I think I need to have the shoe in order use it?? Lol wth man.. haha!

But Fara!!! Omg!!! What did you said that night?!! @___@
Gahhh I'm so embarrassed ;>///<; wuwu

And... I think a lot people made fun on how I spoke last night... >_____< Q_Q wuwu

Did I sound weird? @_@

Seriously.. Did I? Do I?



Overall... I had a fun night at SBG. ^^
I will surely join next year's SBG again!!! Maybe next time I'll wear loli dress..

Maybe... Just maybe...


D.Marcus said...

Nipple Paradise, someone did say.

maslight said...

panja it was "puting" paradise @_@ *giggles..ogie ogie sorry wasn't me!!!! IT WASN'T ME!!!! OMG!! GG!!!!

Aya said...

LOL!!!! I'm sorrryyyyyyy XD XD XD *hugs Irene*

LeeHng said...

but if the title was like that im damn sure ur hits will go up 10x!!!

next year can bawa lolita dress bah! ^^

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singingcoconut said...

gratz on us winning something from this gathering ^^


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