Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Billy Herrington


This post may be considered as NSFW, I think... :-X


So, do you know who is Billy Kerrington already?
He's like, the latest internet phenomenon in Japan now ^_^
No worries if you don't know him, here's some videos of him:

Yes.. I'm sorry... =\

You've been Gayroll'd

But anyways...


"That body... that appearance... they truly are mystical. The well-known idol from NicoNico Douga, the "underwear wresting aniki", Billy Herrington has been made into his very own figma!"

I seriously still cannot believe that GSC is making a Figma of a real human Gay Pornstar... OTL

The Figma includes barbells, dumbbells, various underwear (including a skin colored one lol) and a shower head and room paper craft.

More photos of the Figma at GSC Official Site.


Now... since they have aniki's figure...

Why can't they make one for Abe Takakazu too? =O

I'd be more than glad to have a Figma of him... XD

Billy Herrington Figma, get?
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Abe Takakazu, yaranaika?
Uho! Ii otoko..
Please, NO THX
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Keke XD

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