Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My current Part-time work

Whoa, so long didn't update my blog <_<;;
And the reason?
Well, I'm currently working at a friend's (Nex) cafe...

Steal Massy's pictahs!! Muahahaha XD

Not able to online during the day, and when I reached home at night I don't really have the time to update my blog. I'll try to at least find some time update my blog at least once a week.

Me at work:

Yesh steal from Massy again XP

Meido desu.

Lol, sorry it's not a maid cafe, I wore that for the lulz during the opening on January 31st.
Though I did wore my other costume last Saturday too. It is a request and also for teh lulz.

Anyway, do come and visit me at Butterbliz yeah?
I highly recommend their specialty pies, Apple Pie, Chicken Pie, and Beef Pie. Which is RM2, RM2.3 ans RM2.5 respectively. Also not to forget their big and delicious Baked Curry Puff which costs RM1.8 each.
There might be other new flavors so don't forget to check the place often yeah?
The shop is very easy to find, it's located just beside Animage Toys Studio(ATS) at Asia City Complex. G67A, Ground Floor - If you don't know where ATS is. ^^;;


A new Japan product had just released. It's a book.

Fujoshi Manual Book.

"Series of so-called “manuals” have been a recent fad in Japan, such as the Instruction Manual for People with Type O Blood and the Instruction Manual for Women, which contain checklists of traits according to the subject covered.

The new Fujoshi Manual is for readers to know all about the behavior and basic thinking of “fujoshi,” which is Internet slang for women who like novels or comics that deal with homoerotic love, and literally means “rotten girl” in Japanese.

The book contains a checklist of “fujoshi traits” with items such as, “When someone asks me what my type is, I answer with a two-dimensional character,” which you then tally up to determine your “fujoshi score.”"

I'm actually quite interested in this book. I tell myself that I used to be a fujoshi, but no longer is now. But I am curious to know the Japanese's definition and details of a 'Fujoshi'.

It's available in Hobby Search and I think the price is quite affordable. Tempted, anyone wanna buy this for me? :P


I can't wait to get a copy(or 2 XD) of the latest issue from Breeze Mag, more pics of me yay! \(^o^)/ I'm Lovin' Breeze Mag! You can check the contents of their mag online here.


V-day is coming soon. Any plans, people?


maslight said...

uhu that's coz u got gg mp3 player uhu

Gallivanter said...

You look like you could star in the next installment of "I Know What You Did Last Summer." :-P


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