Thursday, January 29, 2009

Swimmer - Japan Branded Cute Stuffs

I Love Japanese products.
I really do.

Swimmer is a Japanese Brand selling miscellaneous stuffs including small bags, pouches, mirrors, make-up kits, and many more items that is very suitable for ladies.

But the cuteness, oh the cuteness...

Let's take a look of some of their items that I love.

Oh waw. Cute headphones. Few months ago there were more different designs of the headphone, but I couldn't find anymore on the website. Maybe it was sold out. Too bad.

Hm? What's this?

Oh! It's an UsaPod!

Yes, it's an MP3 player. MicroSD not included. Max 2GB I think.

Btw, for those who hates Pink, there are a lot other colors available too.
White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow. Nice huh? ^^

Portable Game Machine Case?

Oh! It's an NDSL casing!! <3

Love the design that reminds you of Space Invader. XD

iPod casings

Contact Lens Kit

Cute Umbrellas (I would most probably use it for photoshoots only, their too cute to be used as normal umbrellas)

Wall Clocks

Wahh Lollipop so cute >w<

More Clocks

Wuahh Cakey >A<

PC Mouses - Somebody please, please buy these for me.

They are just so irresistibly adorable. ;_;

The prices of their stuffs are quite reasonable.
I would love to own some of their stuffs.
Tempted to buy. Oh so tempting indeed.

My Birthday is on June 14th.
Yes I know there are like approximately 4 months left,
but I'm giving you time to save some money for it.

Huahhauhuahuhauha XD


maslight said...

oh waw, headphone GG

Sakuya-Chan a.k.a Ceres said...

O.O that's y i love japan~

cubex said...

I want headphones

IRTeA said...

My fav items: Headphone & Mouse
Thinking of getting them.

小慈 said...


连小凤 said...


i was in the swimmer shop in harajuku's Laforet ..XD haha if I knew u wanted some of the stuff could have help grab for you haha

IRTeA said...

guki>Arghh~!! Noouu~!! I was too late ;_;

Am a big Swimmer fan DX haha :)

d1n0za said...

Wow... Cute products alrite. Very creative.

happyichigo♥ said...

aahhh i love swimmer products..if only i can grab that usagi ipod!!


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