Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Wednesday

So I went to CUBE@Citymall on Wednesday...

To collect my Samsung S2 MP3 Player:

Picture found from Google

There I met Jna

She is getting her Black Lolita Hat.

Picture found from Google - Similar product but not the same

Okay, actually we joined the SMS contest by Breeze Mag.
And yes! We won something!! ^o^



Jna did not get the Black Lolita Hat!

She got...

Picture credit to Jna

12" Halo 3 Master Chief SPARTAN-117 *o*

Congrats Jna.

(Yes people she prefers the Halo 3 merchandise than the Loli Hat.)

I am happy that I got an MP3 Player.
And as Jna requested, I had slashed off MP3/MP4 Player from my Wishlist.

Thanks Breeze Mag. I Love You all from Breeze Mag. <3
Make more and more contest with more cool prizes, yeah? =)


Meet up with cubex after that.

Was bored so we had a session of...

Yes. L4D.

I haven't blog about L4D and me.
I'm currently a member of Internet Arena.
Just because of L4D.

Yes people. Everyone is addicted infected already.

L4D = Best.Game.Ever.



My 2nd sis Nora's birthday was on the same day as well ^^

(There's a few photos but on my mum's phone and we haven't transfer them to the comp yet)

She wanted a Flip Flap so me and cubex bought her one as her birthday present =D

The one we bought was a special edition cream color with a ladybug pattern on it ^^

She loves it ^^

Happy Birthday Nora!

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小慈 said...

im still downloading L4D
not dare play o~~~
i scare zombie coz they move fast>n<


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