Friday, January 23, 2009

Lesson Learned

Picture of 2D Sader may or may not be related with the blogpost below.

23/01/09 (Friday)

8.30pm: Was supposed to go and watch the 1st heat of D Junction Miss Oriental beauty pageant, but when I reached there then I know an entrance fee of RM25 is needed to go in there. So me and my mum canceled our plan to watch the competition.

9.00pm: Friend called. Was too late already when my friend told me he can let me go in for free cos I was already on my way home.

Sorry for not be able to attend the event friends ^^;
Wasn't able to make it this time, hopefully I can go for the next event in the future.

No info about entrance fee needed, and my friends too didn't know anything about that.
Can't blame them for be able to get in there for free ^^;

(A little disappointed cos me and mum already dress and make up pretty-pretty XD;;)

At least I've learned a lesson today(tonight):

Always ask if there is an entrance fee needed before attending an event


At least I bought a few new clothes for CNY already(Yay! ^o^)

Here's an awesome video for your viewing pleasure! *^_^*

Pi-pi-pi-pi-pizza-la-kun To-to-to-to-topping-zu

Can I haz this ringtone naos?


Edgar said...

kim dressed purdy.. later i let u see the pic..

sorry, i oso dunno by the time i get there.. i dun care tadi, i serbu like no ones business when i came in..

woohoo! word verification got "woot"

maslight said...

GG arine GG...

Should plan with other ppl go together gether next time GG XD

I didn't get to buy any new clothes for CNY uhu~


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