Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vocaloid2 - 03: Luka Megurine

One day, Miku Hatsune was born...

And then came the twins Rin & Len Kagamine...

Now, Luka Megurine 巡音ルカ

Demo song:

More info here


What do you think of her?
Love her? Don't like her?
She looks cool =) I was shocked when I saw her design.
She looks totally different than the previous 3.
Her voice, well she is a mysterious character as stated in the official website.
Of course she is also older and more mature than the previous 3.
Not that old lah, 20 years old only =P

But Miku is still my fav. :3


clerence said...

Boleh tahan suara dia, a bit suara dewasa but still nice~

CottonCandy said...

i still tink rin's sound is the best.. lol~


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