Monday, May 17, 2010

Evangelion 2.0 Movie Screening Success~!

Thanks to all anime fans in Sabah!!
If it's not because of you guys... This movie screening will never success!! >_<

To tell you the truth... Before this... I never actually watched Eva anime series...
Though I know about the characters and the popularity of it... I never knew anything about the story...

It started when I saw a group named ""I'm Sabahan and I want to see Evangelion 2.0 movie in Cathay KK"" was created in Facebook... Even though I wasn't an Eva fan, I 100% support it cos I want more Anime movies to be shown in Sabah!! I didn't help much in the group, just keep on promoting and promoting to gather fans all over Sabah (And some outside of Sabah lol) so that this event will success...

I'm so glad it did! It was fun... The fact that otakus (okay maybe not everyone are otakus) gather in 1 cinema.... I wasn't shy to scream during a certain *coughBLcough* scene... XD

Before this movie, me and my friends watched the 1st Eva movie 1st of course XD

After this 2nd movie... I can't believe that... I... I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!!!

I Love Eva!!! >A<

Glad to see cosplayers around to show support~ ^_^

Sorry for my terrible Mari cosplay, I'll make it up and come up with ver 2.0 somehow ;P I'm really glad I chose Mari, I really love her <3


Photos credited to Sabahan Anime Club(SAC), Kira Ynet & Edgar. All from Facebok.

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