Thursday, May 13, 2010

♥ Tanto Cuore ♥

Ahh~ Almost forgot to blog about this~~

And so... I recently got my 1st ever card game, and it's limited edition some more!! XD

Behold... Tanto Cuore~!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Thanks to Sean of Carcasean, who helped me ordered this stuff ;_;

It was fate I tell you, as I seldom see any updates on Carcasean@Facebook...

One day it just popped out like that~! Carcasean asking if anyone is interested to order an 'anime maid' card game. I @________@ when I 1st saw that. As some of you might have known, me and another 2 partners are opening a maid cafe soon. It's fate~! Destiny~! Argh!!! I told myself: "I must have this thing!!"

So why did I ordered the limited edition one? Why didn't I just get the normal one? Since it's RM100 cheaper?? What is the difference??

Well, this is the reason why:

Limited edition's box is x2 bigger than the normal one.
(Left: Mine; Right: Sean's)

(The inside box)

Of course, there's no way I want to get the L.E. one just because of a bigger box.

The MAIN star... is THIS!!!

The Limited Edition Playmat(Tablecloth for playing the game)!!! >_____<

Arghhh Marian-san MOE~!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Played a game with Sean (he taught us how to play), forgot to take pic though ^^;;
We played his Tanto Cuore, mine cannot play yet cos haven't got the card sleeves XD;;

Photos courtesy of Edgar


At 1st I wanted to blog about this + Mother's Day, but this post already quite long... I'll update about Mother's Day next time in a different post =w=

Till then!

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