Monday, September 1, 2008

Saturday Lolita + J-Fashion Outing

We had a loli outing last Saturday, had lunch at Fish & Co. at Warisan Square before going to take some photos at Centre Point.

Notice Sakura-chan's feathery wings on her back?

It's uber cute! I love her wings TwT
And her blouse is actually a hoodie with cat ears! Omg much lurve <3

Hayumi-chan was there too! Too bad she went home early together with Wendrea... ;_;

After out lunch at Fish & Co., we went to take photo sticker at Pelita(Centre Point Ground Floor Arcade)!

Hurry hurry! Pose pose! XD

The results:

Nice~ ^^

After that... we went to Palm Square to take some photos
(Since it's the prettiest place at CP =P )

Sakura-chan and me

This photo reminded me of my old photo...
when I was the one and only loli girl in KK that time.

I don't even have a headdress yet that time...
was wearing my cat ears instead lol

Look~! What is that thing up there??

Oh~ Someone is taking our pictures from upstairs~

My sister and me

No outings should miss a group photo

I would like to thank you everyone who attended the outing, but I hope for the next outing there will be more lolis and other punk/goth/decora & etc to join as dress-up as well ^^


Other random pics


Thanks for all the photographers that day, I stole these pics from everyone of you heheh =P

Massy, Shadow, & Chucky

These were on Saturday, now I am waiting for pics from Sunday during Jofanna's Bridal opening =)

Um... well... this is the sneak preview for it ^^;; >.<

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maslight said...

it'll be a greater place if there weren't so many ppl dat day @_@


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