Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cosplay, cosplay & Cosplay~! - Part 2

December 2008 - Month of Cosplay

Check Part 1 here
Also Part 3 Here

1st weekend: HobbyCon 2008
2nd weekend: Citymall Cosplay Competition
3rd weekend: CSP's Cosplay Outing @ 1 Borneo


1st Weekend
13th December 2008:

Citymall Xmas Gift & Toys Fair Cosplay Competition

Yeah, I participated in the Cosplay Competition..

And won Grand Prize. ^^;
(My performance was terrible, I'd let you see but hard to upload at Youtube)

Dark Kaze won 2nd while JnaGG won 3rd place.

They all GG XD

Rina also joined the competition...

DaSaru is wearing Fara's cosplay costume! OMG!! @_@

Serena and Marissa came to support only, didn't join the competition >.<

There are 2 more cosplayers joined the competition, but I don't know them.
One is cosplaying as L from Death Note, another one is cosplaying as erm.. someone from My Chemical Romance.

Lots of CSPians went there to see and support =)
Even the H-Laws are there even though they are not cosplaying.

Thanks everyone who came! =)


Before the competition me, Sakuya-chan and Chiaki performed our dance again for Citymall...

And got a few vouchers as token of appreciation =)


Anyway, I didn't expect my(and cubex's) Keroro bag would catch so many people's attention.. ^^;; Even strangers asked me where did I bought it... haha

Am very happy that we bought this bag... =P

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