Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cosplay, cosplay & Cosplay~! - Part 3

December 2008 - Month of Cosplay

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1st weekend: HobbyCon 2008
2nd weekend: Citymall Cosplay Competition
3rd weekend: CSP's Cosplay Outing @ 1 Borneo


3rd Weekend
20th December 2008:

Cosplay Outing @ 1 Borneo

I organized a cosplay outing in conjunction with CF (Make ourselves happy since we are unable to join CF08 lol) at 1 Borneo. It's just a casual outing, not an event okay, haha. Discussion thread in CSP here.

Oh this is Acom and Massy. Not cosplaying haha


Dizzy-chan and JnaGG - MOE~!!

Sakuya-chan X3

Me and Cubex <3
Can you guess whose hand is that?
Haha you can never guess it... =P

Rina and Dias playing Taiko no Tatsujin

Miku also can play Taiko!

"Pittan, tan-ta mojipittan~ Rin ran, ran-ra mojipittan~"

Eh?? Abe is wearing Miku's headphone o.o

Road: "This way to the washroom"

Before we part (Some went home some went to watch movie Ip Man XD)
We take more and more pics 1st XD

Thanks Massy for all the great photos X3


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Also Part 2 here

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maslight said...

hahaha GG aiya next time must have group photo..aih, i still sad thinking about it


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