Monday, December 8, 2008

End of HobbyCon 08

A bit stress due to un-well organized stuffs from my side.

I apologize for the chaos and messiness.

Incomplete cosplay, not much photo taken.

Left me in despair OTL

I will do my best to make it better next time.

I promise.

Thanks everyone who came and cosplay.

The number of cosplayers shown up made me wanna cry.

Sorry for not able to talk to a lot of people there.

Sorry for not able to take photo with you all too.



✖Magur♡X粉红教主✖ said...

its ok lar..irene..this year punya cosplay is much more nicer than last year^^ I enjoy it very much XD i think it was a successfull event dun be sad least u got take photo wif me XD next year i'll join cosplay too,& some of sia fren oso want to join~dun 4get to gv me the site where u buy your pretty wigs ar^^ or if u wan to sell any wigs of your u oso can tell me~see if got anyone mau beli i'll ask them to buy from u >.<

Meia said...

dont feel bad, irtea. you did your best to make it fun. i had fun as well, though i didn't take pictures with everyone. i wanted to take pictures with you but i knew that you were very busy. i'm looking forward for a more happier hobbycon next year, im going to cosplay a more unique character too.

~peace~ meia.


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