Wednesday, December 10, 2008

IRTeA@HobbyCon 2008

I cosplayed as Miku Hatsune and Me-tan. Although I haven't complete 100% on my costume and props, but I had fun. Especially on day 1 which is the day I cosplayed as Miku. Why? Cos Miku is my favourite chara and I have my partner Kaito-kun there~!!! <33

Me as Miku and Leon as Kaito :3

Me and my friends also have a Maid Cafe booth for this year HobbyCon.
Sorry if I didn't layan the customers much cos I was busy running around handling other stuffs T.T >.<;;

The Maids of the Maid Cafe/Booth :3

1st day - Me, Sakuya and Chiaki perform Saikyou Pare Parade!

I love my puffy skirt XD

2nd day - Me, Rina, Cubex, Shevonne and Leon perform a medley dance remixed by me XD

Waw thanks massy for this shot

Artists of TeamDaydreamers! Holding our this year comic!

Oi Julian why are you there >.> you didn't submit your comic!


Stay tune for next update about the comic we made =)


✖Magur♡X粉红教主✖ said...

yea...actually im kinda gratefull wif this hobbycon la..i mean i feel very lucky to hv hobbycon at sabah,all thx to u^^ irene...haha..coz of u this little otaku XD wujudlah hobbycon ni <3333

IRTeA said...

Haha thanks Maguro XD Not just me but also my friends =) we did it together =)

clerence said...


✖Magur♡X粉红教主✖ said...

YEA~thx to everyone who work hard for the hobbycon^^ LUVS HOBBYCON SO MUCHIE<333

Najwa Diyana said...

waaa~~ nice.. me love IRTEA becoming miku... SO CUTE!! XD XD got any more pic..?

813 said...

yeah i'm happy to cos Kaito with Partner Miku XD
Thank you so Much ^3^!


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